Started my job today


Today was my first day teaching art at Westminster ( to kindergarteners…let me just say that my 30 minutes with each class was hard work but it really flew by. Despite the fact that almost every student begged to work with paint, I managed to show them how much fun can be had with just a simple box of eight crayons. The magic moment for them came when they finished lunch and came out into the hall to find their “masterpieces” framed and displayed.

Andrew is growing accustomed to his time in Preschool and seems to enjoy his playmates and teacher. It is always a joy to walk into his classroom and see him playing and smiling when I arrive to pick him up. Mitch gets to wake him up, feed him breakfast, dress him, and drop him off on these days since I have to be in my classroom early, so it gives Andrew good “Daddy time”.

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