Milestone reached at Chick-Fil-A


It’s probably not a big deal to anyone other than a parent or grandparent but I just wanted to share how proud I was of Andrew when he climbed high up the play equipment at Chick-Fil-A today and came down the enclosed slide all alone! I didn’t help him in anyway! He was so excited about doing it that he got mad at me when I had to take him down so we could head home for his nap. I wish I had had my video camera with me.

Luke has been kicking me alot more lately. Of course he chooses to do most of his kicking just as I’m getting into the bed for the evening. The only trouble I’m experiencing is difficulty getting comfortable throughout the night. I feel that I am up every hour either changing positions, moving pillows, or cooling off ’cause I’m so hot from the covers, pillows, and body heat from Mitch. The joys of pregnancy are grand!!

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