Loving school


Andrew has gotten to where he runs down the hall and into his teacher’s arms when Daddy takes him to school twice a week. Even today when I arrived to pick him up he was too busy playing to want to leave. It did my heart good! He also got some new shoes that he was excited about wearing today so maybe they helped him play more comfortably.

I am really enjoying teaching art to the little ones. They seem to look forward to coming to class and pasting, cutting, sticking, and drawing. Coming up with a lesson plan each day has been a little challenging since I have to think for ages three through nine, but I like digging in the art cabinets to find something they’ll enjoy.

Mitch is staying busy preparing a sermon each week as well as attending many session and school board meetings. Andrew and I look forward to Fridays since that’s Mitch’s day off from work. We usually sleep late, play with the toys on the floor, feed the ducks, run errands, and cook dinner together. We were planning on taking him to get a haircut tomorrow but I couldn’t stand it anymore so I took him by myself today. We really like the girl, Cher, who cuts his hair every 10 weeks or so….it grows so fast! Even though he’s not a fan of anyone touching his head, he usually does ok if he sits in my lap and eats a lollipop while she cuts it. I’ll have to take a picture tomorrow of his new “big boy” haircut and post it on here.

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