Monthly Archives: September 2005

Busy weekend thus far


It’s been a busy Labor Day weekend thus far…and it’s only Saturday! Yesterday we took Andrew to the zoo for the first time (see the pictures) and he loved seeing the lions, bears, monkeys, and riding the choo-choo train! It was a nice time to spend as a family on a summer afternoon. We spent the good part of today at Callaway Gardens letting Andrew blow bubbles, ride another choo-choo train, see the butterfly house, and play in the sunshine. Tonight we spent time with MeMe and Pop over at Aunt Val and Uncle Tyler’s house. Andrew always loves spending time there with his cousin, Emma, too.


Feeling sad, angry, & guilty


I’m sad. It’s heart wrenching to see pictures and listen to TV broadcasts of the many stranded citizens of New Orleans. It’s sad to hear that many people have died and there are many missing.

I’m angry. I’m not in the midst of the turmoil, heat, and suffering but none of these circumstances justify the raping of women or the shooting of military officials in New Orleans.

I’m feeling guilty. We’re taking my son on a trip to the zoo tomorrow. I can’t help but think about the fun we’ll have watching Andrew’s amazement when he’s sees a lion for the first time compared to the misery of the little children sitting in massive heat for hours at a time on an elevated highway, waiting for help.