Dentists & the government


Did I tell you that I was pregnant? Well, I KNOW I told that fact to the dentist office two months ago when I booked today’s cleaning appointment. Apparently, they either didn’t make a note of it or failed to ask the proper questions when I scheduled because, after signing in and waiting a few minutes this morning, I was asked, “Are you in your second trimester?”. I could have laughed out loud because my belly doesn’t lie…any dummy could tell that I’m well into my third trimester. So, I answered, “No, I’m 31 weeks along & counting”. “Oh, that’s not good”, the hygenist said, “because we fear that you’ll be lacking enough oxygen when you’re laying back in the chair so you’ll need to reschedule.” Did I already mention I’ve waited two months for this appointment, even giving AFLAC their required waiting period for our dental plan? AHHHHHHH! So, I calmly rescheduled for February (I better not be pregnant at that appointment with a two month old at home!) and told them that I expect not only a cleaning but some dental work as well so I don’t have to wait another two months. So…..

Since Mitch was already with Andrew at Burger King on the playground, I decided that I’d spend my “extra” hour going downtown to the tag office to renew my tag since it expires in two weeks. After struggling to find a parking space, going through the metal detectors and security, and standing in the beautiful concrete room with several others, I am told that no debit or credit cards are accepted…only checks. WHO CARRIES A CHECKBOOK WITH THEM ANYMORE? Maybe I’m just weird…..I don’t shop anywhere that doesn’t take a credit/debit card! I only write checks to put in the mail to pay for bills! I got nothing accomplished, it seems….well, I take that back….I did manage to stop at a roadside sale to purchase a $1.00 pumpkin for Andrew to take to Preschool and decorate on Wednesday. But, wait….he’s got a cold now so he probably won’t be going anyway…..figures.

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  1. Now that sounds like the Jawan I know and love. I can hear your voice as I read it. Sorry you had a bad day. But the way you told the story was funny. That’s something at least, right?

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