Road Rage


There are a few traffic issues that have my blood boilin’ today:

Why is it that when there are three lanes of traffic, all headed in the same direction, that the car in front of you, who plans to go straight, always decides to stop in the lane farthest right at the traffic light when you want to turn right?

“Is that a car behind me or a huge bug? Ok, get off my tail! You’re so close to my bumper that I can’t see your headlights when looking in the rear-view mirror! Not to mention I have a child in the car…can’t you see I’m driving a mini-van!??!?!?”

Why is it that some drivers don’t stop at a crosswalk (like the one at the grocery store) to let a pedestrian by…especially when that pedestrian is a woman with children or is pregnant (did I mention that I was eight months preg…..,oh, yeah)?

“How long have you lived here? Ok, you’ve got a Muscogee Co. tag so how could you not have known that that lane was going to evolve into a turn lane at the top of the hill? Now you want to get back in my lane, cutting in front of me, huh?”. For those of you who have also had this thought, I’m referring to the right hand lane which turns onto OLD MOON RD as you are traveling north on Veteran’s Parkway.

Got blinkers? Please use them.

Whew….it’s late and I’ve got if off my chest so that’s enough for now.
NEXT WEEK: Semi-truck drivers……

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  1. Yeah, how about those people who pull out in front of you, causing you to slam on your brakes to keep from hitting them and then they drive 30 mph in front of you! Or even better, they spin gravel trying to pull out in front of you real fast, then they turn at the next road! Grrrr…

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