Mom is Obsessed!


Yes, I’m a mother who is always snapping pictures of my child doing almost anything. I remember being in the hospital room two days after giving birth to Andrew and my friend Crissy saying to me, “Remember, Jawan….you don’t have to take a picture of EVERYTHING that he does!”. Oh, how Mitch wishes I had heeded her advice. It seems that my camera lives in the car or on my shoulder. I am constantly clicking, downloading, adjusting, ordering, deleting photos only to start the process all over again. I mean, we visited the local pumpkin patch three times this week and I managed to take pictures of Andrew all three times in three different outfits. That’s gonna be a difficult layout to journal/explain in his scrapbook. Well, anyway, let me share this picture with you while I’m “at it”. We were stuck inside ALL DAY today since it was raining but I managed to find a few minutes to take Andrew outside to escape with his bucket so we could go “rock-hunting” in our small patch of grass in front of our apartment. He found 36 rocks! He’s washing them off in the kitchen sink here in this photo. He’s our little geologist.


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