Thanksgiving week & no Internet


I can’t believe that I’ve gone five days without typing a new post. I was waiting to download my pictures from my digital camera upon our return home from Mom’s house, but, once we arrived, we realized our Internet service was down. Oh well…better late than never.

We really enjoyed our time in Thomasville with my family, especially since we knew it was gonna be our last little “get-a-way” for a while. We ate lots of food with my mother, sister and her family, and my brother. We missed not being able to celebrate with Mitch’s family but we thought we’d better make the trip to Thomasville while we could (I’ll probably have a house full of family in about three weeks anyway). I’ve inserted a few pictures of our time there. I was also able to visit with my two best friends from high school, Dawn and Claire, who were also in town for the holidays.

Mitch went to Lowe’s last night to purchase a 7 foot artificial tree so we could get something festive put up before Luke arrived. I’d hate not to have a tree up and decorated when he decides to make his appearance! We haven’t taken it out of the box yet but it’s on my TO DO list for this week as well as trying to find our boxes marked “Christmas” that I assume are in the mini-storage room.

I visit the midwife on Tuesday……I’ll keep you updated on any progress.


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