5:00 a.m., toys, & midwife visit


How unusual that my day started at 5:00 a.m…..has your child ever had one of those loud battery operated annoying toys that has no ON/OFF switch? Andrew does. It rained REALLY hard last night with much thundering, lightening, etc. Suddenly, at 5:00 a.m. I hear a familiar sound: “I’m ready to race! Ready, Set, Go!”

Thinking to self: “Huh? Is that Andrew’s little riding ATV I hear? Isn’t it outside on the porch? Why is it in my dream? I mean, that has nothing to do with what I’m dreaming about…weird. Oh well, back to sleep.

“I’m ready to race! Ready, Set, Go!”
What? There it is again! I’m not dreaming…..is there someone trying to break into our apartment from the porch? Did a cat jump up on the ATV? I better look outside and then wake Mitch.”

I’m ready to race! Ready, Set, Go!”
Mitch! Mitch! Andrew’s ATV is stuck in race-mode on the porch. I think the rain has gotten into the battery area. I hope it’s not waking up the entire apartment building!”.

So, just imagine Mitch and I in our pajamas at 5:00 a.m. on our front porch trying to keep the stupid ATV quiet so it doesn’t wake Andrew or bother the rest of the tenants. I’m scurrying around in the dark trying to locate the toolbox & electric screwdriver so Mitch can take the batteries out (apparently the manufacturer decided against installing an ON/OFF switch) while he’s covering up the speaker on the ATV with his palm & mumbling something under his breath.

Fortunately, we both climbed back into bed, thankful Andrew was still fast asleep & that no one was knocking on our door to tell us to call off the races. Oh, & we laughed about it, too….later. Oh, me and my quiet-apartment-living self-righteousness…..God sure showed me!

By the way, another routine visit to the midwife today….Luke already weighs a good 7 pounds & is still showing no signs of coming early. I go back next Tuesday for another routine checkup.


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  1. I wish I could’ve seen that. I bet it was funny! We’ve had toys like that before. I hate them. Steve Morgan let Aden buy a really loud robot for Ellas for his birthday. Kim is plotting her revenge.

  2. I have already found my revenge toy. (Evil laughter is heard in the background.) 😉 That is a hoot!! We have also had toys like that. Toys can be really creepy sometimes.

  3. I’m sorry about your first racing experience Jawan. I can install an ON/OFF switch for you guys when you get home for Christmas. By the way…I’m still waiting for you to email me the Thanksgiving day pics you promised!! Ready!Set!Email!

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