Encouraging baby news!!!!!!


I went in to see Courtney, my midwife, today. Before she examined me, she told me that she already has a bed reserved and a spot saved for me at the hospital for Tuesday morning (a week from today). I was so excited to hear that! See, she’s going out of town for the holidays and is fearful she won’t get to deliver Luke so she’s inducing me three days before she leaves (one day before my due date). I absolutely love Courtney and am so glad she’s doing this for me. I couldn’t ask for a better caregiver. Now, after saying all that, she then examined me and found that I have progressed since last week (this is the part that the men just love to read about). I’m now 2 cm (I’ve been walking around at only 1 cm for quite some time now), his head has dropped, I’ve lost two pounds, and my cervix is extremely soft.

I wish that I could experience the actual bag breaking on it’s own with contractions strongly following, since I didn’t get that chance with Andrew either, but I’m VERY ready to have this baby! I’m so uncomfortable!


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