Monthly Archives: December 2005

Home & happy


After a long stay in the hospital, we have finally made it home. Boy, does it feel good! My recovery from the c-section is going great….the painkillers are working and I’ve been doing alot of walking, just like my midwife instructed. Since Luke’s jaundice levels were high, we had to stay one extra night in the hospital so they could keep an eye on it. Fortunately he hasn’t had to undergo the phototherapy light treatment. We’ll visit his pediatrician in the morning to have another test run. Andrew has had a difficult week. He’s loved being with his Gami, my mother, but he’s missed his Mommy and Daddy and is having a hard time dealing with the fact that I can’t pick him up or let him sit in my sore lap. I think he’s become quite attached to Mitch over the last few days and wants to go everywhere with him. He loves his baby brother and finds it interesting to point out his eyes, ears, nose, fingers and toes to us. My sister and her children plan to be here mid-week to celebrate and early Christmas with us so Andrew has alot of attention to look forward to.

I have two boys….wow. I still can’t believe that God has blessed me with such an amazing gift. Tears well up in my eyes and my heart overflows with thanksgiving when I gaze upon my precious children. God delights in giving us good things and I couldn’t ask for anything more. My little blond Andrew and brown headed Luke are treasures. Thank you, Father, for choosing me to be their mother. I pray that I will be diligent in teaching them your ways, your love, and your Gospel.


Luke has arrived!


I am on Mitch’s laptop typing this from my hospital bed while Luke is sleeping here next to me. Luke is not even 24 hours old yet. He was born last night at 6:50 p.m., weighing in at a healthy eight pounds, six ounces, and measuring 20-3/4 inches long. Unfortunately, I had to have a c-section due to Luke’s low heart rate and the cord being wrapped around his neck. He was distressed and not tolerating the contractions so they wheeled me down to the OR where I was strapped, cleaned, cut open, and stitched back up. Mitch looked so good in his white and blue scrubs. I’ll post pictures later of all the action so look for more details to come. I am thankful I was able to experience the initial stages of labor without having to be induced and I must admit that I actually have been able to enjoy this labor experience since the pain isn’t as great (seriously!). God is good.

Encouraging baby news!!!!!!


I went in to see Courtney, my midwife, today. Before she examined me, she told me that she already has a bed reserved and a spot saved for me at the hospital for Tuesday morning (a week from today). I was so excited to hear that! See, she’s going out of town for the holidays and is fearful she won’t get to deliver Luke so she’s inducing me three days before she leaves (one day before my due date). I absolutely love Courtney and am so glad she’s doing this for me. I couldn’t ask for a better caregiver. Now, after saying all that, she then examined me and found that I have progressed since last week (this is the part that the men just love to read about). I’m now 2 cm (I’ve been walking around at only 1 cm for quite some time now), his head has dropped, I’ve lost two pounds, and my cervix is extremely soft.

I wish that I could experience the actual bag breaking on it’s own with contractions strongly following, since I didn’t get that chance with Andrew either, but I’m VERY ready to have this baby! I’m so uncomfortable!

A night out with the parents….


“I beg my parents all the time to take me to ride the choo-choo train. Tonight, they finally did! Of course, when at home I make them watch Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs all the time. I think Mom has all the episodes memorized but I still find them fascinating. Since Luke is making Mom’s belly so large, Daddy made a better fit into the railcar next to me. I was a little confused as to why Mom wasn’t riding the choo-choo with us (hence the confused look on my face) but I enjoyed my time with Dad. If you look closely you can see the redness around my eye that won’t seem to go away. At least I get to slurp down that bubble-gum tasting syrup Mom gives me every six hours…she says it’s supposed to make the redness go away but I’m not buying it!”

Red eye?


Andrew was at Mother’s Morning Out for only an hour this morning when I got a phone call that he was having an allergic reaction around his right eye. When I walked in to his classroom my heart sank and I wanted to grab him up, hug and kiss all over him, and cry! This was my first experience seeing my child in some sort of discomfort when I wasn’t already monitoring him. Anyway, I’ve received instructions from the nurse to give him Benedryl and apply warm compresses so I need to go do that. Here’s a picture (somewhat blurry because he wouldn’t be still) of his eye. Sorry this blog entry isn’t all that exciting……