Monthly Archives: January 2006



Mitch and I have decided to try to walk 6-12 miles each week together as a family. Before loading the boys in their stollers tonight for our outing I couldn’t resist taking a picture of my three men in their hats.


Laid-back boys


Mitch enjoys having his sons sleep and snuggle on his chest. Here, he and Luke take a break from their day to relax. My mother and brother were both here to visit us this weekend so Andrew and Luke got lots of kisses and hugs. Andrew enjoyed wrestling with his Uncle Stuart and feeding the ducks with Gami. Luke was passed around and held by everyone that could get their hands on him. Family is a wonderful thing. Posted by Picasa

In need of a clean sweep


Our apartment is slowly turning into Toys-R-Us. I finally sat down one night and purged through the toys but I don’t think I even made a dent. Christmas arrived meaning more toys have made their home here, too. I have to watch where I step for fear of tripping and landing on a child or injuring myself. It doesn’t help that we live in a small apartment (I feel I shouldn’t complain because we have friends who are living in a similar apartment with three children!). We are growing too big to fit in this space and the clutter and lack of storage space is beginning to take its toll on me…..leading to much frustration. I have it on my TO DO list to sort through the piles of stuff (I’m not a pack-rat! It’s just that there’s no place to put the needed things) but my time is full of more important things right now. When I looked around at the piles of clutter the other day, a surprised smile came to my face. It made me grateful that, despite my cluttered heart, the Lord pursues me and delights in me regardless of my sinful condition. It amazes me that he sees me as perfect. He has made a clean sweep of my dirty heart! My outlook should be the same so I’m gonna pray that I NOT get all worked up about making vacuum lines in my carpet (I can’t see my carpet anyway).



A picture of my mother and her five grandchildren: Meredith, Ethan, Emily, Andrew & Luke. The oldest three belong to my sister. My brother is 30 and single, living in his bachelor’s pad in Atlanta. Ok, Stuart….it’s time you find a wife and add some to this mix!

Laura came to visit!


Our sweet friend, Laura, came to visit us yesterday and today. She’s a freshman at Auburn University and since her home is two and a half hours away, she decided to spend her long holiday weekend with us! We were so glad to have her here. She is a joy to be around and a huge help! We took my two boys shopping today and then she and I watched a movie while Andrew took his afternoon nap. I love you, Laura!