Why did I torture myself?


Mitch and I wanted to watch a movie tonight so we (or should I say, I?) decided to view Napoleon Dynamite for a second time. Yes, it was my decision…I was trying to be mature in thinking that my opinion of the movie might change if I were to watch it again. Ugh! Why did I put myself through that torture? It’s got to be the dumbest movie ever made. I’ve heard that you either loved the movie or hated it. I am definitely a member of the “hated it” club. From what I hear, there are more “loved it” members. I just don’t understand. Here are just a FEW reasons why I spent the entire movie rolling my eyes.

1. What Stupid-O bakes a cake and leaves it on the front doorstep in hopes that the girl who answers will accept it as an invitation to the high school dance?
2. Come on….a pet Llama?
3. Grow up and stop throwing action figures out the bus window to be dragged down the road on a string!
4. I’m all about taking my leftovers home for a later time but who puts tater tots in their knee-side zipper pant pocket?
5. The ONLY time my face broke into a grin was when Napoleon was sitting on the school steps waiting for his ride, drawing a liger. In case you didn’t know, a liger is half lion / half tiger.
6. Napoleon’s tone of voice and inflection is just weird.
7. Who calls home to have someone bring them their chapstick?
8. Who dances like that?
9. The Happy Hands Club? Come on!
10. I’m not even going to go into Kip and Rico’s daily routine……what losers.
11. I’m am ashamed that I even remember the character’s names.
12. The ONLY thing I liked about the movie was that it was free of any dirty-words. If there were any then I missed them….I was probably rolling my eyes.

Yes, I know that MTV’s purpose in making this film was to show what losers these guys were but it didn’t win me over. Maybe I am the stupid one…I never did these things nor knew anyone in high school who was as lame as Napoleon. Get a new last name.

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  1. Jawan, I actually liked the movie. It shows how young people with low confidence learn to get along with others on their own terms. I guess you think I’m fairly silly for liking this flick, but it had some value. The line I liked the best is where Napolean tells Pedro, that , to get along “you must have skills.”Anyway, I liked being able to laugh at nothing. Maybe it is some perverted existintial-type of humor- but Chris and I laughed at the totally hapless characters and their struggle to find their niche in society.What is going on with Luke? Is he sick? What’s up with the “group?’. Don’t leave us looking for a niche! We need real human contact once in a while. Debbie

  2. Oh, Jawan… you’re so cynical. I think that this movie is the modern generation’s “Holy Grail”. There really are schools that do the cake thing and the Happy hands Club. Kip is my favorite.. “I’m almost 100% sure she’s my soul mate.” Makes me laugh every time.The grandmother, “I don’t know Napolean, why don’t you make yourself a dang quesidilla!” HAThe llama? Hysterical. “Come on Tina, you fat lard. Come eat your ham!” Cracked me up! Hate me but I thought it was funny.

  3. Oh, I am so sad you don’t like ND!It’s just one of those movies you have to walk into with absolutely NO expectations. (And it’s even better if you watch it with a group of people who’ve already seen it.) I liked that it was so clean, and I related to some of those insecure high school moments that ND and his friends experienced. Oh well, Jawan, don’t worry…I still love you anyway!! heehee…

  4. You’re just jealous because you haven’t been chatting online with babes all day. And because you didn’t get to spend the summer with your Uncle in Alaska hunting wolverines with a freakin 12 gauge. Maybe you’d enjoy it better if you had any skills. If you were pretty good with a bo staff, I think you’d understand. If I were you, I’d watch it just one more time. Your wildest dreams will come true.

  5. I’m glad it’s not just me…I thought it was more depressing than silly…His whole life was just pitiful, and like dancing at the talent show is going to change the fact this guy has almost no social skills and has little to no chance of finding satisfaction in his adult life.Or maybe that’s just the therapist in me…Candace

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