Monthly Archives: April 2006

A fun week


We’ve been having so much fun this week. At school, Andrew celebrated his birthday with his classmates during lunch by sharing cupcakes. Today he was able to go on an egg hunt at school and then, afterwards, we took him to see and hold some baby ducks. Birthday party is this weekend so there will certainly be more pics to come.

Went to the doctor

Today was Andrew’s turn for a well-checkup at Dr. Oliver’s office. Andrew loves visiting Dr. O but he hates the time with the nurses when they weigh him, check his height, and measure his head circumference. Today he did great….he didn’t even cry when they pricked his finger for an iron/hemoglobin check. Andrew won’t have to go back for another year, when he turns three. Luke, on the other hand, still has lots of shots to get since he’s still a wee one. As usual, my camera goes with me everywhere……

Dr. Oliver with Andrew and Luke

“Well, well, well….how you doin’?”

The RIGHT hat & a cupcake


Finally….first it was the Red Sox hat, then the NY Yankee hat, and now the correct hat….the Braves! For Andrew’s birthday, Mitch and I got him his own Atlanta Braves cap. To celebrate his special day, I made cupcakes. As you can tell, the cake and icing ended up all over Andrew’s face. What a great picture! We’ll celebrate with a party next Saturday so you can be sure to see more pictures of Andrew blowing out candles, playing and eating.

Also, Luke loves tummy-time. Here he enjoys a few minutes laying on his boppy pillow. He’s growing so fast – already four months old!

Libby, Annie, & Riley!


My college roommate, Libby, and her two girls, Annie & Riley, visited with us this afternoon. We had a blast just watching the kids play, reminiscing about our college days, laughing at old pictures, and sharing “mom” stories. We put our kids on the couch to get a picture. Luke was starting to fall over so I snapped this one fast. Andrew isn’t as fond of the camera as the girls obviously are…I mean, look at them! They’re naturals…..could they be any cuter?

I love you, Lib-Dog! Glad you could use the dress. You’re a beautiful pregnant woman! Come visit again soon….I can always use some “libby-time”.

Spring Break means play time!


The week of spring break is no different in our household than any other week but we have done a few things these past few days that we’ve not done before. One thing Andrew has discovered how to do is to use keys….now, don’t be scared. We don’t let him get in the car with them nor have we shown him how to turn the ignition, but he does know how to open the storage room closet door on our porch. Here he is enjoying going though some of his toys that I had put away earlier last year. It’s like Christmas for him when he finds toys he recognizes but hasn’t seen in a while. It’s cheaper and beats buying new stuff!

Andrew will be two on Saturday, April 8. He shares a birthday with his first cousin, Emily, but four years apart. Happy birthday Emily and Andrew!

Crissy, does this outfit look familiar?