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The King is Coming!

What a promise God has made! The King is surely coming! The children were so excited to hear about God’s covenant that his Son would one day return. It’s a promise that I, as an adult, need to claim and hold on to as I struggle with life and my own sin. VBS was a huge success with over 70 children in attendance! The workers were great….whether they were serving the children in the classroom, on the playground, in crafts, making snack plates (yummy!), playing games, telling mission stories, or taking them to the potty – fun was had by all. The Gospel rings true!
Katie and Kat make crafts with their class.
I think Katie (in the green) is having more fun than anyone!

No, wait…is that Dot waving her hands in the air, acting like she just don’t care? What a hoot!

I enjoyed directing this huge project with Leslie and couldn’t have done it without her.

VBS week


This is the week of VBS….and I’m in charge. This would be the reason why the blogging has been light and the pictures are few. I’ve got my hands full of 65 other children besides my own. Today went well and the kids and teachers seemed to have had a blast. Our theme is THE KING IS COMING, with a medieval motiff. It’s been fun making shields, crests, banners, and all that other fun celtic stuff. I’m taking lots of pictures but need to locate (or purchase another) my USB cord so I can upload them all. Until then……

General Assembly


We are having fun here in Atlanta at the PCA General Assembly. It’s my first time coming with Mitch and I’m so glad I did. Friends are everywhere and it’s been good to see their faces and chat with them. There have been some fantastic speakers, preachers, and musicians. It’s amazing to sit in the grand hall with 1000 other voices, lifting praise to God as we sing in unison the lyrics to “What Wondrous Love Is This”, “And Can It Be”, “Holy, Holy, Holy”, and many more hymns (as well as some newer contemporary tunes). What was neat was to see Andrew’s face light up when we started singing “And Can It Be”, because he recognized it. We sing that to him every night as we put him to bed. How neat that the tune has been planted into his head and that we can trust that the Lord will plant the words into his heart. The exhibit hall has been overwhelming but fun to walk through. I found some great books that I want to read but will probably struggle to find the time to devote to (sometimes it’s hard not to end a sentence with a preposition). While the boys were in the nursery, I visited the ladies in the craft room and made two fun whimsical items. I’ll post pics of the result products later. It’s midnight and I’m sitting in the lobby of the Hyatt. The free internet service provided by the PCA doesn’t reach my floor so I had to come down here, leaving all three of my men in the room. I can’t wait to possibly go to GA next year (Memphis!). I’ve made a neat friend named Anne, who has been in both crafts with me as well as traveled with me to pick up our children in the nursery. Tomorrow we venture to the new aquarium. Can’t wait!

Baseball fans


Here’s a picture of us and Jennifer and John Ed (minus Chrissy and Chad, who took this picture) at the Braves game this past Saturday….before the beer was spilt down our backs. That would be Red Sox fans to the rear and to our left. There were some in front of us, too. We were surrounded by them!

It’s hard for me to say "I’m Sorry"


Remember that song by the group, Chicago, “It’s Hard For Me to Say I’m Sorry”? Gosh, it’s so hard to admit wrong doing. I see this denial all the time in myself. My sin sitting right in front of me yet I don’t want to confess, repent, or believe. I doubt God. What a horrible sin! God has made his forgiveness so freeing and easy but all I want to do is wallow. How pitiful. No, I’m not being too hard on myself, as some of my friends might tell me. I’m glad the Father exposes my dirt, even when I don’t want to acknowledge it. My sin bothers me. I loathe it. My sin makes me sad. My sin makes the Father sad. He loves me despite my sin…that’s called grace. It’s amazing.

Adults are much better at hiding their sin and pretending that everything is OK. However, a two year old is an excellent example of the total depravity of man. I sat on the floor with my sweet little boy yesterday, playing with some of his toys. We’ve instructed him several times that it’s NOT ok to throw your toys, no matter if it’s in fun, frustration, or anger. He’s two. He got excited about playing and had a moment of forgetfulness. With a strong overhand, he threw the thick wooden train whistle straight toward me. It hit my face and chest hard. So hard that it drew tears to my eyes. My little boy was immediately concerned for my well being but he was also confused as to what was going on. He came to me and wrapped his arms around my neck, asking, “You otay?”. Through my tears, I smiled at him and showed him my boo-boo. He kissed my hurts and continued to comfort me. Once things calmed down, Mitch and I talked to him about his wrong-doing and encouraged him to SAY he was sorry. Boy, that was hard for him to do. Of course, I told him how I loved it when he showed his concern for me earlier and even kissed my hurts but I wanted him to seek reconciliation and ask for forgiveness. Wow…..that was hard for even a two year old to do! How can anyone say that there is anything good in man? The only way that good can ever come from man is because of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus. Sure, children are innocent in many ways but their heart isn’t one of them. Today, I referred to my son as “a little sinner” when in conversation with another adult. After telling him NO to his request, he began throwing a tantrum. She asked, “Why is he acting that way?”. Because he’s a sinner……and so am I. And God wants me to parent this child? I need you, Father!

Great blog to read by Justin Taylor


Ok, my husband has me hooked on a blog that I just can’t get enough of. It’s written by Justin Taylor, an excellent writer and godly man. I can spend hours reading his archives. He used to work alongside John Piper as the director of Desiring God Ministries but has recently taken a new position in Chicago as editor for the new ESV Study Bible , due sometime next year. Anyway, you should really read some of his posts, if not all of them! You can visit his blog by clicking here.

Here and There in My Head


Mitch and I went to the Braves game today with two other couples in our small group. We had a great time but it wasn’t fun to watch the Braves lose another game to the Red Sox. I need to be careful how I phrase the following sentences because I don’t want to sound contradictory. I have nothing against the Red Sox fans in particular. I’m sure today’s situation could have happened at Turner Field with any other team’s fans surrounding me. It just really irks me, though, when those sitting around you have no regard for who’s sitting around them. I’m all about team pride and shouting for your favorite ball players but I would appreciate it if they would apologize when spilling their beer down your back. Also, although it’s rude, I expect fans to make fun of the other team. I expect them to make fun of the instant replays on the JumboTron highlighting the opposing team. I guess I should also expect them, after all their rudeness, to also use incorrect grammar. That’s why I love this example… Turner Field you will hear, sing, and perform the Tomahawk Chop (tune) many times. So, in all his glory, the sassy smarty-pants fan from Boston, who was sitting behind me, shouted loudly, “That’s the stupidest song and dance I’ve ever heard”. I just giggled to myself.

Both Andrew and Luke stayed with Meme and Pop (Mitch’s parents) today while we were at the game. They all had fun! Pictures will soon be coming. I would post them now but I’m on my computer which has a bad media card and USB port. We’ve only had this certified refurbished Gateway for two days (after having our original one serviced over the past two months) and we’ve already found that this one, too, needs to be sent back in for repair. AHHHH! We should have bought a Dell.

Here’s something random: My friend, Addison, has just graduated as valedictorian from high school. His desire is to attend an Ivy League university and decided that it would be to his advantage to take a year off between graduation and college so he can travel parts of Asia and Europe. I had the joy of being his eighth grade teacher some years ago and spent quite a bit of time with his mother, father, and their six OTHER sons (she’s my secret inspiration as to how to raise boys!). Anyway, he’s keeping an online journal of his daily travels so I thought I’d share his adventure with you. Just click here to read his past posts. I’m am somewhat envious of his journey but I can honestly say that I have no desire to ever go to Asia. I feel guilty saying that. Guilty because I love my comfort zone here in the U.S.A. Guilty because there are people in Asia who need the Gospel. Guilty because I like my hamburgers and don’t want to eat mystery meat. Guilty because I love myself more than others. Ah, the battle of my sin continues.

And, yes…I still hate Napoleon Dynamite. Stop making fun of me for it! (tee hee)

Cutting Hair


I always buzz-cut Mitch’s hair but we usually take Andrew to a “professional”. However, as I was about to have Mitch sit for his monthly cutting, Andrew said, “Mine! Like Daddy!”. We didn’t think he was serious but he sat still and ready. So, against my better judgement, I proceeded. Now I wish I hadn’t. I don’t like his hair at all…he doesn’t look little anymore and I’m not a fan of buzz-cuts on little boys. It’s just a preference. I have chosen to think on the more positive side – “it’s summer time and will be cooler…..we won’t have to take him to get his hair cut for at least three to four more months, etc”. Afterwards, I buzzed Mitch’s hair and the picture above was the final result of both.

We have been busy this past weekend….Andrew pooped in the potty for the first time. He’s been potty training himself and enjoys the accomplishment (the promise of candy helps). My mother and brother came to visit for a few days. We played outside, went shopping, and took naps. Andrew loves spending time with Uncle Stuart and his Gami. Andrew played hard with his friends at a party Friday night and again this afternoon at a local kid’s gym. He has been going to sleep quickly these past two days! Luke got lots of hugs and kisses, too!