General Assembly


We are having fun here in Atlanta at the PCA General Assembly. It’s my first time coming with Mitch and I’m so glad I did. Friends are everywhere and it’s been good to see their faces and chat with them. There have been some fantastic speakers, preachers, and musicians. It’s amazing to sit in the grand hall with 1000 other voices, lifting praise to God as we sing in unison the lyrics to “What Wondrous Love Is This”, “And Can It Be”, “Holy, Holy, Holy”, and many more hymns (as well as some newer contemporary tunes). What was neat was to see Andrew’s face light up when we started singing “And Can It Be”, because he recognized it. We sing that to him every night as we put him to bed. How neat that the tune has been planted into his head and that we can trust that the Lord will plant the words into his heart. The exhibit hall has been overwhelming but fun to walk through. I found some great books that I want to read but will probably struggle to find the time to devote to (sometimes it’s hard not to end a sentence with a preposition). While the boys were in the nursery, I visited the ladies in the craft room and made two fun whimsical items. I’ll post pics of the result products later. It’s midnight and I’m sitting in the lobby of the Hyatt. The free internet service provided by the PCA doesn’t reach my floor so I had to come down here, leaving all three of my men in the room. I can’t wait to possibly go to GA next year (Memphis!). I’ve made a neat friend named Anne, who has been in both crafts with me as well as traveled with me to pick up our children in the nursery. Tomorrow we venture to the new aquarium. Can’t wait!


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  1. Have you seen Jeremy Kicklighter? Becky and Lily just came past the church office for a visit – It was so good to see them after such a long time!~Mad

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