Monthly Archives: July 2006

Pirates, Roly-Polies, and stuff

Just took some cute pictures that I wanted to share.

Andrew loves to hunt for Roly Polies….especially when the grass is wet and they ermerge from the soil. I’m trying to teach him to be gentle when he picks them up and transfers them from fingers to bowl, for they are easily crushed. He is learning but a few always end up dead in the process. This is the largest his collection has ever been!

I’m convinced that Chick-Fil-A has the best toys in their kid’s meals than any other fast food joint; however, I must say that McDonald’s gave out a winner this go round. They are promoting the new movie sequel, Pirates of the Caribbean (which we haven’t seen yet but will soon, for sure, thanks to Chad and Chrissy), and gave pirate bandanas in their happy meals. Andrew has been wearing it around the house but Luke wanted to give piracy a try.

No comment.


Cousins playing


“My cousin, Emma, came over to play with me yesterday. Isn’t she pretty? It was so hot outside that Mom let us have popsicles to cool us off. Anyway, I really like hanging out with Emma. I hope she comes over again soon so I can take her for another ride in my jeep.”

How was your holiday?


We celebrated July 4 by going to visit my mother and extended family. We grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, and ate loads of Lays potato chips. My cousins from Mississippi were also present for the food and fun. We made it home last night in time to watch the city-wide fireworks with Mitch’s sister and her family. Today, after getting my root canal (what a relief!), we pretty much stayed inside since it was so hot! Andrew wanted to color, stick, and paint so he got busy at the kitchen table while Luke chilled out in the high chair.

Strolling my blues away


It’s so hot! Too hot to even play outside unless it involves getting wet. After it rained a little and cooled off, I took the boys for a stroll around the block while Mitch mowed the front yard. Andrew loves sitting next to Luke in the jogger and Luke simply likes being outside, out of the house. A change of scenery is always nice for us all. I’ve got another root canal appointment this week so I’m all doped up on the “magic pills” to keep my pain away until it can be taken care of. Every dentist/endodentist in town is on vacation for the long holiday weekend so I’m relying on the wonder of medicine. We’re taking advantage of the holiday as well….we’re leaving after church tomorrow to visit my mother. I haven’t been “home” in a while so it’s due time. I love going to her house! My sister and her family will be there, too, so it will be two full days of laughter, eating, visiting, and playing. Hope you have a happy July 4th!