Monthly Archives: September 2006

Family, spiders, and faces


Just wanted to post a few more pictures of our vacation thus far. As I type, Mitch and I are in Orlando (going to SeaWorld tomorrow). The original plan was to let both boys stay at their aunt’s house but we decided to bring the youngest one with us as not to ’cause distress on anyone (me included!). Look at that spider hanging in its web outside my sister’s house in her backyard! WOW!

Heidi & Brian


My cousin, Brian, and his sweet wife, Heidi, have spent the past three days with us….we’ve had a blast! Heidi is a hoot, just like her husband. She fits right into the family. We’ve gone to the springs to swim with Angela and her kids, eaten, rented movies, eaten some more, and spent good quality family time together. Family is the best.

5:53 a.m.


It’s 5:53 a.m. as I begin typing this. No, I’m not up this early to read my Bible, although that is exactly what I need at this moment. The reason I’m up is because Luke is up. He’s been up for four hours so I’ve been up for four hours. I think it’s due to teething but he relaxes and falls asleep in my arms when I go into his room to calm him but starts screaming the minute I put him down. I’ve tried everything….ambasol on the gums, singing, nursing, rocking, walking around….he’s fine when in my arms but doesn’t want to go to sleep. He’s mad at me now….I can hear his angry cry from his room next door. He shares a room with Andrew so I asked Mitch to put Andrew in our bed (since I’m obviously not occupying the space) so Luke could scream and not bother Andrew’s sleep. So, I am really typing this post to take up some time and allow me to vent. I need something to do between calming sessions! In the meantime, here are a few pictures of the boys over the past few days (awake and happy)

Andrew loves to practice the breaststroke in the tub. He had so much fun in the deep water!

Luke is going to be a good student one day. He loves his little library of books.

Back home


I’m back home from my weekend in Atlanta. The conference was refreshing but I’m pooped! I took Luke with me and glad I did…he cut his first tooth and began crawling all within a matter of three days. He didn’t feel so well the first night of the conference and I asked my brother, Stuart, to come be with me while the others in my group carried on. Luke pretty much lost his appetite and….well, let’s just say that I barely brought enough diapers for the weekend! I saw MANY friends at the conference whom I hadn’t seen in a while, like April and Christi (pictured). Wish I had taken a picture of the others, like Becky, Shannon, Susan, Suzie, Thalia, Rebecca, Christy, and Diane. I can’t wait to go back next year!