Back home


I’m back home from my weekend in Atlanta. The conference was refreshing but I’m pooped! I took Luke with me and glad I did…he cut his first tooth and began crawling all within a matter of three days. He didn’t feel so well the first night of the conference and I asked my brother, Stuart, to come be with me while the others in my group carried on. Luke pretty much lost his appetite and….well, let’s just say that I barely brought enough diapers for the weekend! I saw MANY friends at the conference whom I hadn’t seen in a while, like April and Christi (pictured). Wish I had taken a picture of the others, like Becky, Shannon, Susan, Suzie, Thalia, Rebecca, Christy, and Diane. I can’t wait to go back next year!

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  1. I don’t think my picture has ever been on anyone’s blog! 🙂 It was too good to see you and hug your neck at the conference this weekend! I wish we lived closer….in heaven, my friend!

  2. Great to see you, Jawan! It had been 10 years, you know?! So glad you are doing so well. Your family is precious. God bless!

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