Monthly Archives: October 2006

Trick or Treat….or Reformation?


We took the boys trick-or-treating tonight. It was a first for them both. Andrew seemed to enjoy it but stuck really close to Mitch’s side as we walked up and down the street. I pushed Luke in the stroller while he sucked on a lollipop. I really liked getting to meet my neighbors that I’ve never met before. Kelly just moved in across the street with her two small daughters. She stays at home, too, so we will probably start visiting with one another during the day when we’re home. We also invited her and her family to church. The only reason we ventured out (and opened our front porch to strangers to receive candy) was to meet our neighbors. We hope Christ was glorified in our smiles, kind words, and laughter. I like what Tim Challies has to say about Halloween. God is to be glorified in ALL things so why not take the opportunity of Halloween to do so? I wonder if I’d get strange looks when at people’s doors declaring what I really want to say; HAPPY REFORMATION DAY!




We attended a marriage conference over the weekend presented by “the other” PCA church in our area. Dr. Dan Zink was the speaker…..very encouraging. I appreciated his consistent application of scripture to the glorious gift of marriage. Made me love my Mitch all the more.



Haven’t blogged in a week…..been super busy and out-of-town. We just returned from a four day journey to Mississippi (my home state) to attend my cousin, Lora’s, wedding. While there, we stayed with my other cousin, Brian, and his sweet, hilarious, cute, and insane wife, Heidi. We had a blast. Lora was beautiful so we took a moment to get a family picture of those on her side in attendance. After we returned to Brian and Heidi’s house, I geared up to take an evening ride on Brian’s Harley Davidson. It was awesome! I wish it hadn’t been so dark and cold but I enjoyed it, nonetheless. My friend Crissy once shared on her blog about a time she went for a motorcycle ride. I thought of her story as I was riding behind Brian, feeling the wind against my face. It was amazing! Anyway, the boys loved Mississippi and I enjoyed spending time with my mother, who rode with us.

Beautiful Fall


We love this fall weather. Seasons change….God is good. Luke certainly thinks so! Mitch and I celebrated seven wonderful years of marriage yesterday. He and the boys brought a dozen yellow roses to me and then Mitch took me out to eat last night while my sweet sister-in-law & brother-in-law babysat the boys for us. Thanks, Valerie, Emma, Ella, and Tyler!