Monthly Archives: October 2006



People are hesitant to discuss roaches….but the truth is, we all see one from time to time in our houses (some more than others!). Andrew loves to hit them with his flip flops. Yes, we are teaching him that God created all things for HIS glory but I sometimes wonder about roaches (and snakes). So, here’s a picture of the unlucky guy that crossed our path recently. Thought I would share….aren’t you glad I did? By the way, if you click on the picture, it should come up in a second window – enlarged! The details are great! I can’t wait to read your comments!

It’s been a long time…..


Can’t believe that I’ve gone this long without posting. It’s mostly due to just returning from vacation and doing the usual such as unpacking, washing laundry, preparing lesson plans, and getting the boys back into their routine. We had a great time in Florida but it’s always good to get home into the familiar.

It’s the beginning of October, a month that makes people think of the cool crisp fall weather….but not here. It’s still hot and humid. Mosquitoes everywhere. So, I sprayed down the boys and let them play outside in the pool after sweating on the swingset. Luke is tolerating Andrew a bit better. Andrew, being only two years old, still struggles with being gentle when playing with his baby brother….but he’s improving. They enjoyed playing in the water together and Andrew thinks it’s great that Luke has a swing right next to his.