"Do As I Do"


Andrew overheard me say the phrase, “Bless her heart”, sometime this past week when responding to something that happened on TV. A few hours later, when I bumped my hip on the kitchen counter, he said, “Bless your heart, Mom!”. So cute!

Luke likes to imitate everything we say and do. If Andrew starts marching to a song, Luke marches. If Luke sees people dancing on TV, he starts dancing. When we sing our prayer before mealtime, Luke starts humming. If I say, “1,2,3, JUMP!”, then Luke tries to repeat what I say (all you can really understand from his mouth is “-UMP!!”). Kind of scary, huh?

Luke has had a fever off and on over the past 24 hours. He and I stayed home from church today. Please pray for him if you get a moment. No one likes it when their children aren’t well.

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  1. We had a fever/virus last week–both Mags and Bentley. It only lasted 48 hours, but goodness those were a long set of 48 hours!!Hope all feel well as the week begins!

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