10:00 p.m. Wed. on ABC


Ok, I have a new favorite show. Don’t get me wrong….I’m a huge 24 fan, BUT I have now decided that the show LOST is far more interesting with all the plot twists, strange happenings, relationship issues, and flashbacks from earlier months/weeks before the plane crash (I’m sure my brother, Stuart, is giggling right now because he’s been telling me for the past two years that 24 had nothing on LOST). I know, I know…..it’s just like a soap opera at night, except this one is on a deserted island in the South Pacific instead of in wealthy circles located in some unknown suburb. We didn’t start watching LOST until the middle of season 2 last year so we have, on loan from the Scharff family, the box set for season 1. Watch out….if you start watching it now, you’re sure to become an addict.

Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on ABC.


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  1. One more thing to love about you Jawan!! You are hooked to Lost too!!! Isn’t it the greatest? We caught up half way thru the 2nd season–seriously, one night we put the kids to bed (had to have been a weekend) and watched, I think, TWO dvd’s straight. Agghhh! So hard–esp when you have a whole season sitting there waiting on you. Have you caught up to the current season?

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