Monthly Archives: March 2007

10:00 p.m. Wed. on ABC


Ok, I have a new favorite show. Don’t get me wrong….I’m a huge 24 fan, BUT I have now decided that the show LOST is far more interesting with all the plot twists, strange happenings, relationship issues, and flashbacks from earlier months/weeks before the plane crash (I’m sure my brother, Stuart, is giggling right now because he’s been telling me for the past two years that 24 had nothing on LOST). I know, I know…’s just like a soap opera at night, except this one is on a deserted island in the South Pacific instead of in wealthy circles located in some unknown suburb. We didn’t start watching LOST until the middle of season 2 last year so we have, on loan from the Scharff family, the box set for season 1. Watch out….if you start watching it now, you’re sure to become an addict.

Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on ABC.

Surprised Twice


Luke “surprised” me twice today…..

1. After breakfast, I took off his PJs and diaper. I needed to check on something in the kitchen (I think…or was I going to the bathroom really quick?) so I left him naked – ONLY FOR 30 SECONDS. When I turned around to finish dressing him, I noticed a smell. I followed the stinch and found the trail….of poop. All over our living room carpet.

2. Luke is our independent “leave me alone” child. He likes to play by himself and loves to explore – sometimes a little more adventurous than I’d like. Just before nap time, I was filling up Andrew’s juice cup and noticed that I no longer heard Luke babbling or felt him nibbling at my feet. I called his name several times in that sing song sortof way and then it got much more serious when I realized he was no where to be found. After (seriously) three minutes of searching, I began screaming his name. That’s when I heard him cry. Again, I followed the trail and found him. He had apparently closed himself up in one of the bedroom closets. Now I’ll know where to look next time he wants to play hide-n-seek.

"Do As I Do"


Andrew overheard me say the phrase, “Bless her heart”, sometime this past week when responding to something that happened on TV. A few hours later, when I bumped my hip on the kitchen counter, he said, “Bless your heart, Mom!”. So cute!

Luke likes to imitate everything we say and do. If Andrew starts marching to a song, Luke marches. If Luke sees people dancing on TV, he starts dancing. When we sing our prayer before mealtime, Luke starts humming. If I say, “1,2,3, JUMP!”, then Luke tries to repeat what I say (all you can really understand from his mouth is “-UMP!!”). Kind of scary, huh?

Luke has had a fever off and on over the past 24 hours. He and I stayed home from church today. Please pray for him if you get a moment. No one likes it when their children aren’t well.

Saturday with ELMO


Today we went to “storytime” at Barnes & Noble Bookstore where they were celebrating ELMO’s birthday. We got to hear two stories, color pictures, blow noisemakers, eat cupcakes, and receive stickers. So much fun! Afterwards, we went shopping with MeMe and Pop. It’s only a little after lunch time and we are all pooped!

HOT enough for the sprinkler


WOW….it is hot outside! I love it, even though I am still one that prefers cold weather to the summer heat. The boys got to play outside for about an hour this afternoon. Andrew’s favorite activity is to either ride his bike or play in water. The spinkler (and sudden coldness of the water) scares Luke so he likes to watch Andrew run through it and scream in delight. Andrew also likes bugs!