Monthly Archives: March 2007

The Trinity Hymnal


Our bedtime routine starts with two books, a few songs, prayer and then lights out. When Mitch arrived home from work tonight, he brought five copies of The Trinity Hymnal with him. We sat on the floor and sang five or six hymns together as a family. I wish I knew more of the original tunes to the old hymns but we did our best at sight reading. For the most part, we sang the RUF versions of the songs since we have all their albums and are familiar with their versions of the hymns to new arrangements. I think I’d like making the nightly song-singing a part of our bedtime routine. If you’re willing to share, I’m interested to hear what your bedtime routine is with your children.


Pray for the Salter family


Dustin Salter is a pastor who, until last November, was a campus minister with Reformed University Fellowship at Furman University. He was taking a bike ride with two of his children when he hit a bump, wrecked, and suffered severe brain injuries. You can read about his health updates on the blog that his wife updates regularly.

Thank you, Laura, for reminding me to spread the word to pray.

A Sweet Retreat


It was nice to sit around a table with delicious food and encouraging conversation while at Marannook. Even though many people were invited, only five of us attended. I actually prefer the slim crowd…makes the prayer/meal times, events, and conversation more intimate.

Pictured above: Mr. Charles K-H, Mrs. Barbara K-H, Jef Fleming, Mitch and me, and Paul & Christi (Fleming) Thompson.

A night away


Mitch and I are on our way to a short weekend retreat at Camp Marannook. We are only going to be away one night but we are looking forward to the time alone (even though we will have to stay in the cabins on twin beds!). The boys are staying with their grandparents, which is exciting for many reasons but especially since they just got a new puppy. Andrew likes to help Pop and MeMe take Prissy, the puppy, outside to potty. He is still learning how to gently hold the puppy without tossing it about. It’s a good thing Prissy tolerates children well. Luke could care less about the dog at times. He just wants to be outside, climbing over couches, wrestling on the floor, or running around the house naked after a bath.

Andrew is definitely the quiet and affectionate son. Luke is undeniably the loud and independent son…..hmmm…..makes me wonder what kind of personality Abigail will have.