I passed!


I drank the dreaded glucose drink yesterday to be tested for gestational diabetes and passed with flying colors (scored a 91)! Glad I’ve never had to endure what it’s like to be pregnant with diabetes. I am very thankful.

My midwife cleared me to go on a four day trip with my husband when I reach the 36 week mark. It’s an eight hour drive so she suggested we fly. Gotta find two cheap tickets out of Atlanta to Memphis and back. She said that she wants to really start things rolling when I get back from that trip since I’m doing the VBAC thing. They don’t want me to get too big. I’ll be drinking lots of herbal tea, going on many walks, and doing whatever else she “prescribes” so that this baby might make an early (yet healthy) appearance in the full term stage.


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  1. What’s VBAC & why are you intentionally trying to deliver early? When is your due date, I thought it was like June or July, you’re way early if you’re trying now! What’s up?

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