We decided to proceed with our vacation plans and bring the boys to Chattanooga. It seems it was a good idea because their sickness has passed, finally! Yesterday we visited the Tennessee Aquarium where we saw beautiful sea and river live. Today, we took them on a train ride at the Tennessee Valley Railroad , where we rode through the mountains, over bridges, and through tunnels. They loved it! While there, we were surprised to get a sneak peek of Thomas, who is in town making a three day stop for all the children. After naptime today, we went swimming in the indoor hotel pool. I think it’s been their favorite treat so far! Tomorrow, we are taking them to the Creative Discovery Museum so look for more pics to come!

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  1. Yes, we’ll be there to see Thomas this weekend. We took Bent last year, and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a boy so excited! Another fun train ride is at: . (I prefer this, but of course, the kids prefer Thomas)–we did Blue Ridge last spring in the open air car…on half-price Monday…lots o’ fun!!

  2. What were you originally going to do on vacation without the kids. Looks like it was meant for the kids to begin with, no wonder they got sick, they wanted to go too & didn’t want you going without them! ha Sounds like fun!

  3. How wonderful it was to see you on Friday night, even if it was for just a few short hours. Sorry it couldn’t have been longer and with me less stressed over Molly not feeling well. Hope your Saturday was GREAT! Love ya and cannot wait to see you again! Libby

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