Monthly Archives: June 2007

Yard sale


Had a yard sale today…on the hottest day (it seemed) of the year. I am disappointed with the amount I made but it’s more than I had going into it. By the time you take out the money you spent on the newspaper ad and the money in change to start with, you expect to still have a good bunch left….well, not this time. My sister tells me I don’t charge enough for my junk. I am an ‘el cheapo. I just want to be rid of the stuff. Oh well….off to Goodwill I go to drop off all the “unwanted items”! I did save a few things to list on ebay since I tend to make more money there – it’s also a lot more tedious work on my part but usually worth it. As for the yard sale, at least I got it done before the baby makes her debut.

38 weeks update


My pitiful attempt to write a “cheesy” poem at almost 2 a.m. –

Another weekly routine check today;
No progression has been made.
Not surprised – I am the typical case.
All the walking I’ve done this week, I’m in a race.
The ultrasound performed today
Showed she’s measuring at seven pounds, they say.
Membranes were stripped – no comment to add
Haven’t had the first contraction since, too bad.

While I was busy….


While I was out of the room for a few minutes, L managed to find the baby powder. His older brother showed him how to open the top. When I returned, the couch was covered in powder. Needless to say, I need to buy more now.

A welcomed the challenge of vacuuming the couch and floor after the powder spill.

L has also found his brother’s rain boots. He likes trying to flip over and looking underneath his legs.