Monthly Archives: July 2007

Middle Child

I’m the middle child in my family so L and I have a unique bond. He wants to do whatever he sees his older brother doing and also likes to explore on his own. Here, he wants only to play in the water and pump the hand soap to make bubbles. He screamed when I finally took him down off the stool from the sink. He was asleep in his crib just five minutes after taking this picture.

Who lost the peas?


I was on the phone tonight with my “Birmingham” friend, Crissy, when my youngest son handed me a bag of dried black eye peas. I laughed. A few weeks ago, returning home from a grocery trip, I made a mental checklist of the purchased items as I began putting them away. Unable to find the bag of peas, I went back into the garage and checked all throughout the van. No where. Here it is about a month later and guess where my youngest son found them…in the front yard bushes. They must have slipped out of a grocery bag or someone’s little hands got to them before I could and decided to “drop them off”. I thought it was funny.

One week old


AB at one week of age. She looks big to be only one week. We took her to her first doctor’s appointment today. She’s gaining weight and has already grown an inch in a week’s time.

AB Stats:

Birth weight = 7 lbs 11 oz.
Weight when leaving the hospital = 7 lbs 1 oz
Weight at one week checkup today = 7 lbs 14 oz

(The pediatrician called me a “milk goddess”)

Length at birth = 20 inches
Length at one week old = 21 inches