Monthly Archives: August 2007

Having fun in the sun


So far we’ve visited the pool, the ocean, the pool, and….the ocean! Imagine that! Right now, Hubby and all three kids are sleeping but all on different schedules so they should be waking soon, within 30 minutes of each other. Guess what we’ll do after everyone’s awake? You guessed it….go to the pool, the ocean, the pool, and possibly to the ocean! We’re going to eat out tonight and then play some putt-putt golf. Race cars might be on the TO DO list, if we have time. The weather has been beautiful down here! More pictures to come!

Minimal blogging


We are on vacation for the next ten days so blogging will be light. I’ll have my laptop with me and free WiFi at the condo so please email me if you’d like. I’ll post mostly pictures of the children this week. Our oldest hasn’t seen the ocean in two years (he’s 3.5 now) and our middle has never laid eyes on it so it will be fun to watch them both explore. Our youngest, who is now 7 weeks old, probably couldn’t care less about the water!

By the way, yes, it’s 3:00 a.m. as I post this. I am still up packing the food, bags, and other necessities for our ten day journey. I’m glad the Hubby is driving tomorrow and not me. I’m gonna nap with the children in my “car seat”!

Sleeping through the night


Neither of my boys slept through the night (what I consider a five hour stretch) until they were between 8-12 months old. AB has been sleeping through the night for the past three days and it has been wonderful…for both me and her. She’s only 6 weeks old and I know every day will bring change but this feels really good right now!