Monthly Archives: August 2007

I ate lunch in quiet


Today I got to eat lunch in complete silence. No one even begged to eat off my plate. Why? AB was sleeping in her bed and L fell asleep on the couch. See?


Sleeping through the night


Neither of my boys slept through the night (what I consider a five hour stretch) until they were between 8-12 months old. AB has been sleeping through the night for the past three days and it has been wonderful…for both me and her. She’s only 6 weeks old and I know every day will bring change but this feels really good right now!

Today’s events


Our middle child finger-painted and played with raw Rotini pasta.

Our oldest child counted down the hours until he could go to his cousin’s birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Our youngest child chilled out and slept all day. She’s wide awake now at 1:00 a.m., which is why I’m posting this.

Thanks to Carolyn Mahaney

From Carolyn Mahaney at GirlTalk:

So much of our work as mothers is done in obscurity. It’s not seen. It goes unnoticed. It can even be overlooked.

Or so we may think….

Actually, may I remind all weary, discouraged moms today that there is One who notices.

He sees every diaper that you change, He pays attention each time you wipe a runny nose, and He smiles when you read Curious George for the fifty millionth time.

And your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you! (Mt. 6:4)

First Day of School

Our oldest started K3 today. He’s only there for half a day, five days a week. He has talked about this day all week long and was glad to wake this morning to begin his new adventure. He loves his teacher and has almost memorized all the names of the children in his classroom. The school itself is very small and has an average of eight children per class, up to the fourth grade. I’m glad that it’s a ministry of our church….it helps my heart knowing that Hubby is just down the hall!