My Playlist


I’ve been wanting to post a playlist of some of my favorite songs so I finally did (you can hear it but scroll down to the bottom of this page to see it). You can choose/change any song to listen to by double clicking on it. I chose most of the songs but motherhood called and I had to leave the computer to fill a juicy cup and change a diaper. My mind didn’t get back to the playlist until Honey got home from work so I just asked him to finish it up for me – hence the funky cool R&B songs like “September, Roller Coaster, Fantastic Voyage” and more. This is my husband’s favorite genre of music and I became quickly addicted to it when we were dating…but for those of you who know him well (Becky), you aren’t surprised a bit at his choices. Thanks for adding some spice to my playlist, babe!


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