Too much for others?


For those of you with more than one child, do you ever feel like others don’t want you around or would rather you leave because of your offspring? Just a few weeks ago, we took all three kids out to eat at a really nice restaurant on the marina in Panama City Beach (some of you already know which one I’m talking about). The older two didn’t want to wait on their food (did I mention they are ages 3 years and 21 months?) and didn’t care to eat it when it finally arrived. I think I took L to the restroom three times to have a little “talk” before the hushpuppies were placed before him. Hubby had already taken A out twice so it was, once again, a high-priced meal that wasn’t enjoyed. We know and hear that this is “normal” (right?) childhood behavior. More importantly, I am reminded that our hearts are dirty and ALWAYS want our own way. Of course, obedience is also something to be taught and expected so, through times such as this one, we hope to have instilled some of that wisdom (I need that same discipline as an adult). We also believe that children are treasures, gifts from God above….although not perfect. We want to enjoy our children and hope that others see them as precious but understand that their hearts are evil, wicked, and depraved. Some may think those are harsh adjectives but they are true and we teach our children to answer this way about their own hearts when asked, “What’s wrong with your heart?”. We want them to be fully aware of their fallen state and their desperate need for a Savior who loves them enough to wash their heart clean and turn it from stone to flesh! So, I was reminded of my own depraved heart when, after Hubby took A and L out of the restaurant to go look at the boats outside, a lady leaned over to me and said, “Mam, I really appreciate your husband taking the disruptive kids out of the restaurant. It makes a much more pleasant experience for the rest of us who are dining. Most parents won’t do what you did so I applaud you.” Of course, at this point I was already steaming from the sheer anger towards my own children as well as at my own self for being so angry in the first place. I was sweating and just wanted someone to say, “You’re a good mom and are doing a wonderful job, what with being a parent who is a sinner to three little sinners”. I just looked at the lady and smirked and kept my mouth shut. I love my life.


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  1. Usually when people say those type things, it is because they have never had children of their own to “discipline” in situations like those….they are the ones with “all the answers” to the areas they have not experienced. Keep it up Jawan! You are a great mom and you are doing a beautiful job raising your 3 wonderful children. How else will they learn to “behave” in a restaruant unless you teach them this skill? I love you! Libby

  2. I agree with Crissy. And may the fleas from a thousand camels infest her armpits.On another note, I wanted to say that I’ve so been there done that in restaurants. And my oldest can be very whiny/demanding–and it gets worse in public (why is that?). Anyway, I wanted to offer you some encouragement: It gets better believe it or not. Mine is now six and is so much calmer. In fact I hate to admit this, but in a way, I love my children more the older they get. I think I’ve grown more patient and they’ve matured. But you can ask Crissy–he is so much easier to handle. Anyway, hang in there! love ya girl!amber

  3. As I hope you remember from our work together, I believe in firm discipline, confrontation and speaking the truth with love (for adults and children).As one who does not have children, I reread and reread your story. I think the lady WAS complimenting you – on discipling your children at all – many times, in these situations, parents overlook the disruption their kids are causing and do nothing.So you are to be applauded.Please give her the benefit of the doubt (altho I know I didn’t experience the conversation firsthand). As well,I hope she did not get the runs or sand fleas in her armpits. That was good for a mid-morning guffaw.Thanks for listening,~Mad

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