Sweet new friend


Do you ever just meet someone and automatically know that that person is gonna be a good friend for life? I mean, do you ever just “click” with someone almost the minute you meet them? That’s how I feel about Melissa. She is real. She is genuine. She is AUTHENTIC. I’ve only known her for a short period of time but I feel like we’re sisters and have known each other our whole life. I have been enjoying some time with her in the mornings as we walk two miles at the park, pushing our youngest children in the stroller. It makes the two miles pass so much faster when you have a friend to talk with along the path. Her family is about to join our church so I’m looking forward to spending much more time with her. The sad thing is that she and her husband are here for only two years. That’s the downside to living in a military town…you get a good friend and then they have to leave shortly thereafter on a new assignment. I’m going to use these next two years wisely!

Another good indication she’s gonna be a good friend: Just as my 11 week old daughter projectile vomits all over Melissa’s sweater, jeans, and nice red suede shoes, Melissa looks at me and says, “I’m a mom…..that’s part of it. Now let me go wash your breastmilk off of me.”


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