Andrew is always counting things….toys, magnets, chairs, pieces of trash, dishes, laundry piles, pictures on TV, cars, paper, and anything else that doesn’t move too fast for him to be able to point at and count. So, I decided to make my own list of numbers to keep count:

One – the number of pets we have (a fish)

Two – the number of cars we own!

Three – the number of children I have

Four – the number of my oldest child’s next birthday

Five – the number of fingers I have on each hand (duh!)

Six – the number that comes after five

Seven – the date of my birthday

Eight – the number of years Mitch and I have been married

Nine – the number of physical addresses we’ve had since we’ve been married

Ten – the total number of Indian boys

Eleven – the date my third child was due (she came six days earlier)

Twelve – I once worked in a shoe store where the same little girl came every year to purchase a pair of white Easter shoes. She had six toes on each foot….I kid you not.

Thirteen – If over fourteen stories high, remember to always subtract one floor.

Fourteen – the number of friends I have who are pregnant (Chrissy M, Heather D, Leslie L, Becky K, Tasha G, Manuela M, Kelly C, Dawn C, Nicole J, Shea P, Davina P, Leesa B, Cathryn B, & Corie T) …I’m sure I left someone out

Fifteen – I’m done!


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