What’s wrong?


Luke woke up ill after his nap this afternoon. You know how it is. He brings me his pair of shoes and sticks his feet up so I’ll put them on. As I begin to do so, he starts screaming and kicking as if he has suddenly decided he doesn’t want them on. So, I put them down and start to stand back up. He screams again and motions for me to put the shoes on his feet…and this continues three or four more times until I give up. Nothing I did made him happy. We finally get outside (after I tricked him into the shoes by method of distraction) and he goes through the same routine with the bike helmet. “On? Ok, off? Wait, you want it on? No, off?” AHHHHH! In order to keep my blood pressure at a safe level, I decided to remain lighthearted about it and snap a picture for his scrapbook. I think it’s precious!

I knew I kept those bulk diaper boxes for a reason. It rained a little today so we were stuck inside for a short while. While I started dinner, the boys colored on the HUGGIES boxes which later turned into the demolition derby and were demolished.

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