Monthly Archives: October 2007

School Fall Festival


Our school’s Fall Festival took place tonight. Andrew and Luke were both pirates. Abigail sported a shirt declaring her “Ghoul Power”.

I caught them together on the couch this morning shortly after breakfast. They were loving on one another. It made my heart happy.


Andrew’s craft time


I have a habit of not throwing away the smallest things. I keep juice caps, pretty tree sticks, various vegetable seeds, large scraps of paper, etc – just because I know there’s gonna be a use for them one day….maybe. Today proved correct. I gathered some dried pumpkin seeds and painted them with Andrew while the two younger kids napped. Later this week, our plan is to glue them down to make some sort of picture. When we do, I’ll be sure to post a photo of the final result.

My youngest two


Luke the Explorer. Always in search of something new to do. I took an egg carton and let him find things around the house that would fit inside the egg holes. He found lots of pennies in the couch and a few juice tops I’ve saved for future crafts. He later found some lint, toys, beans, and legos to put in the carton.

Abigail is slowly getting attached to her doll. Thanks, Peggy, for giving this doll to her. It’s nice to have a girly item around the house!

The Varsity & diaper babies


On our way home from Athens this past weekend, we ladies visited The Varsity in Atlanta to enjoy one of the most delicious chili dogs ever made on the face of the planet. I brought back two Varsity caps for the boys. Andrew REALLY liked his cap…..not so sure about Luke.

Luke wanted to climb into the crib with Abigail this morning so I grabbed my camera and caught him cuddled up beside her. Now if only I could get him out of diapers!