Got it for Free!


My college roommate, Libby, called me this afternoon to discuss something about Advent. She gave me a good idea to try to find a container of some sort that would be able to house all the trinkets for the Advent activity I posted earlier. On my way to pick up Andrew from school, I decided to drive-thru Starbucks and get my usual White Chocolate Mocha since I had a few minutes to spare. That’s when I spotted “IT”. There in the window was a container shaped like a tree with 24 small drawers to hold items (originally the drawers held small bite-sized chocolates from the company but this was just a display model with no candy or bar-code or packaging). I asked the lady how much it cost and that I wanted to purchase one. The manager soon came to the window after searching to let me know they were sold out but THAT I COULD HAVE THE DISPLAY MODEL since all he was gonna do was toss it in the trash after the holidays ended. So, I got one for free! Thanks, Starbucks! Thanks, Libby, for the great idea….now if only you could get the same deal.


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