Just ramblings….


My feet hurt.

The attempt at the Advent activity is going well but it’s hard to keep the attention of a three and two year old. The excitement of finding a treasure in the drawer helps, though.

My kids ask for gum and candy far too many times throughout the day.

Getting up at 5 a.m. to workout is hitting me hard.

Missed church yesterday because Luke had conjunctivitis…did I spell that right?

Did I mention my feet hurt? Need a new pair of sneakers.

Mitch and I have TiVo’d Wheel Of Fortune for over a year every weekday night hoping to see our spin numbers from a prize puzzle. A free trip is our only hope for a far-away destination vacation.

The dishwasher has run twice today and it’s waiting to be unloaded for more.

I have managed to only make two trips to Walmart over the past seven days.

The gym is practically empty on the weekends which means I get my pick of machines!

I just folded three loads of laundry while sitting on the floor. Another is currently spinning in the dryer….oh, happy day.

We decorated our Christmas tree as a family on Saturday afternoon. The boys enjoyed hanging the ornaments ALL IN ONE SPOT! Now we are fighting the battle to keep them from running around it and underneath as a tunnel (we won’t put presents out until Christmas Eve).

Luke, age two, answered the first three catechism questions correctly tonight. It certainly surprised me since all I thought he knew was #1.

I’m starting to fall asleep while sitting here typing…. ZZZZZZZ


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  1. It’s been a while… I’m trying to catch up. This year is the first time in at least 8 years that my tree has actually been pretty. We went thru the ‘clumpy tree’ phase for a while. but now Maggs and Ty are tall enough and they finally have ‘the eye’ for symmetry. PTL!

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