Ok, it’s not the healthiest snack in the world but the boys asked nicely and were craving some time outside. So, I let them each have a bag full of chip crumbs and watched as they sat in the garage talking to each other while cramming their mouths. Aren’t they cute as they dig the bottom of the bag for the last little bit?

Andrew’s school Christmas program was tonight. Although he’s not looking, he’s the blonde in the direct center of the photo. It turned out to be the best I could do for the night. I was sitting in a bad spot and couldn’t get any closer.


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  1. occasional junk food won’t kill them. my kids have always had 1 “junk” meal a month: cheese, crackers or chips, pepperoni, and fruit washed down w/ a glass of milk. ellas is still convinced that he’s eating poorly. 😀kim p

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