Went to Subway today.

I hate that they don’t have napkin dispensers….you have to ask for more if you need them.

They love their napkins.

They must have a “napkin nazi” working in the store because they don’t like to hand out many when you ask very nicely for more.

Subway’s napkins are two-ply and very thick – great for soaking up a spilled drink.

Note to self: Ask early for an extra helping of napkins before sitting down to eat with three small children.

Or, I might just pack my own napkins in my purse next time I plan a trip to Subway.

They love their napkins.

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  1. The last time we went to Subway, we ordered tap water (cheap). They charged us for the cups: $1.19per cup. For tap water. Quinn: “why did you charge me for 5 drinks? I ordered water.” Subway woman: “It’s our policy now. The cups cost us something.” I’m just guessing that the cups do NOT cost $1.19 per cup and they are making a killing. I was furious. I do not go there anymore. Quizno’s is much better.

  2. Thank god for the internet. I have finally found someone else that thinks there is a napkin nazi hiding under the counter at Subway. Ok, so I order a 12″ sub club extra toasted with pretty much every topping and I get one tiny napkin.

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