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The boys and I decided to do what many of our friends are doing this Christmas season – make sugar cookies with our Christmas cutouts. Hopefully this fun task will develop into a tradition as well as an event that, as the children grow older, I won’t have to be so “hands on”. All the little guys wanted to do was lick the mixer sticks, dig the dough out of the bowl, lick the bowl, make holes in the cookies, and drown them in sprinkles. I promise that no one licked any fingers during the process!

The Gift of the Magi


Another listen for your heart (ears). I got this link from the gals at GirlTalk. We can learn a lot about what makes good gifts good by looking to Jesus. As the website suggests, gather your family around to listen to this fifteen minute story and then reflect upon our Savior and how blessed his birth was to the hearts of men.

It costs what?!?!?!?!


Took Luke to the doctor on Monday for his two year well check-up.

Found out he has an ear infection.

Mom is so glad we already had a scheduled appointment.

Mom is glad the doctor found the infection before the screaming, yelling, and misery broke out at home, at all hours of the morning.

Since the holidays are upon us, Mom was glad the doctor suggested an aggressive antibiotic (Omnicef) to possibly avoid the emergency room.

Mom goes to pharmacy #1 and was totally shocked to learn that her insurance paid for $30 of the prescription….my balance??……$72.

Mom made a phone call to the doctor’s office to request a different antibiotic.

Doctor prescribed Amoxicillin.

Mom went to pick up the prescription and found out pharmacy #2 declared the month of December as FREE ANTIBIOTIC month (except for Omnicef).

Mom’s checkbook is smiling.

Christmas party

We had our LIFE small group Christmas party tonight and played Dirty Santa. I think Mitch and I walked away with some pretty darn good stuff. Mitch left with two DVDs (including Zoolander) and I ended up with a new game called In a Pickle. Here we are after playing the game – some were so proud of their gift that they were too scared to set it down for fear someone would snatch it up (yes, I’m referring to you and your pink pig, Jennifer!).