College roommate "DER"


During college at VSU, there were four of us in a two bedroom townhouse. We had the time of our lives! Heather (a.k.a. – Der) and I shared a room. I remember painting our nails in the bathroom one night during beach project in Daytona Beach, FL, when she told me that she could see herself married to Drew. She stated that long before he even started pursuing her! Even though she longed to be married and live with “Drewby” (hee hee, I just had to type his nickname!), she still had to live with me until they tied the knot. She asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding but it was to take place on the same day I graduated from college (she was a year behind me) so I had to say no because I really wanted to walk to get my degree.

We were such cheesy, giggly roommates. If one of us was out, the other would leave a lit candle in our bathroom next to the sink just so the other would know they were thought of and prayed for before going to bed. Not only is Heather one of my favorite people in the world but so is Drew. I remember coming home one night with a horrible toothache. Drew was over visiting with Heather and he noticed my intense pain. He insisted they take me to the Emergency Room. They both waited all night with me until I was finally seen. When it came time to give me a shot of some kind (I don’t know why a shot was given to me, much less in the buttock), Drew politely left the room while Heather held my hand as the nurse administered the medicine. Come to find out, I had an abscessed tooth that ended up being pulled the next day.

Now, Heather is pregnant with her fourth child and due in the spring. I am so glad I get to see her often since Valdosta is only a few minutes away from where my mother lives in Thomasville. She and Drew spent this past Saturday purging clothes and junk from their house so I decided to drive over and sit with her while she sorted through the many piles. I got to spend some time with her three little ones, Will Ramsey, Emma, and Anna. Below are a few pictures of us and their kids taken during our time together.

By the way, happy birthday, Mary! You, Heather, and Libby were the best college roommates God could have ever chosen to give me!


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