Define: sleep & play


Cabin fever has struck our home. We are stuck inside due to the cold weather. I could let the boys bundle up and play outside but I have to time it just right and do it when the baby is taking a nap. Luke is still in need of a nap but he’s fighting it harder and harder each day. Moving him into his big boy bed has been tough on us all. He likes his new freedom but we are losing much sleep due to his new found “independence”. Mitch and I wake many times during the night to Luke staring at our faces, waiting for us to smell his breath, I guess. He only has two options: Return to his bed or sleep on the couch. For a while, the couch was his choice. Now, it’s neither. I got a total of one hour of sleep last night and that wasn’t even a consistent 60 minutes. A nap was on my “wish list” for this afternoon but a little one was awake while the other two slept, etc. There’s nothing like having the entire family awake at 4:30 a.m. Anyway, I found this website to help aid with my “inside” sanity. It offers activity ideas to do with your toddler/preschooler. Maybe you’ll find it helpful, too.

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