Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch….You know that I love you!


Howdie, Babe! Do you know how much I love you? So much, so much, so much, so much, so much! Every year of our marriage gets sweeter and sweeter. Although I am not always very lovable when you come home from work as I perform my motherly duties in “task mode” (peeling potatoes, browning beef, filling sippy cups, nursing a baby), I thank you for always wrapping your arms around me and planting a kiss on my lips. It may seem as if my mind is in another place (and it really is), but I remember your touch. For all those times when you’ve called me on the phone just to say hello and ask what I’m doing, I thank you. You are always eager to spend time with me and yet you always let me have the space I need to myself because you know I don’t get very much of it during the day. If I had to buy the perfect gift to express my love to you, it would be stock in McDonald’s sweet tea…..since I can’t give that to you through this blog, do you wanna go there for dinner tonight (without the kids and no playground!)? Mitch, you are my best friend and I am so thankful the Lord put us together. I’m so happy to be your wife. Gosh, I love the snot out of you.


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  1. Oh, God has so blessed both of my daughters with wonderful husbands and me with wonderful sons-in-grace. Give Mitch a big hug for me and tell him how much I appreciate and love him as well. I love his sense of humor, too. ha.

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