Thank you, Gami!


Dear Gami,
We love our Valentine cards you sent in the mail to us today. Thank you for thinking of us individually and giving us our own special card each to keep forever. We sure do wish we could see you everyday but we hope we can see you soon so we can give you a big squeezy hug that we’re so good at giving (not to mention slobbery kisses). We love you bunches, Gami!
Your littliest grandbabies,
Andrew, Luke, and Abigail


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  1. Oh, how precious!!! I’m so glad they liked their cards. Thank you Andrew, Luke and Abigail for the “thank you.” Andrew, did you get your new book that I sent? Let me know. I love you bunches. Gami.

  2. M was the same way with her teeth. I think she was at least 8 months old before she got one. Middle of Jan. she only had 2 and got the 3rd…then this week…BAM 3 more teeth and it looks like all 4 molars are not far behind. CRAZY

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