Monthly Archives: February 2008

Kacie Time


I had lunch with my sweet friend, Kacie, yesterday. She made me a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich…it was so good that she made a third so we could split it! What a true friend…no fancy fixings…just bread and the good stuff (I’ll bring you an extra loaf next time I come over since we probably ate all that you had!). How sweet it is to fellowship with the body of believers. Kacie has been at our church for a year and I love seeing her and spending time together as much as possible. We’ve actually made a close bond with her parents who have driven down from St. Louis twice to visit with her and her husband. Kacie, you are such a kind and encouraging friend. Thank you for loving me. I look foward to eating many more PB&J sandwiches together (and grilled cheese, too!). Love ya!


Scrapbook Challenge


I’ve always wanted to enter a scrapbook challenge. Today, I finally did and this is the page I’m entering. The only requirement was that I had to mimic the designed sketch provided by the creative team at my local scrapbooking shoppe. Color scheme, embellishments, theme, and numbers and size of pictures were all left up to my choosing. It’s not one of my favorite pages I’ve ever done but it’s definitely one that I’ve spent the most time thinking about. I liked doing this challenge because it was just that….a challenge. It gave me some motivation to work but, winner or not, I accomplished one more page for the boys’ album. At least these pictures are out of the shoebox! HA! The winner will be announced on March 1 so I’ll let you know the result then.

That’s me just rambling…


Wow, my kids are watching us as we parent. As I sit here and type, the boys are sitting to my right on the floor reading some books. As they are flipping through pages, Andrew is asking, “Luke, where is the picture of the flower? Where’s the pencil? Where’s the puppy? Good! Where’s the drum?”. Luke is playing along and pointing. Now they are reading their own books to each other, trying their best to remember how Mitch and I read the story (since they can’t read). What’s even funnier is that Andrew is putting all the cute inflections in his tone of voice as he reads, attempting to sound like me. Just precious……

Abigail is cooing in her crib. She’s starting to narrow her naps from three to two a day. Wow, I can’t believe she’s already 7.5 months old.

What am I going to cook for dinner….hmmmmm……wish I had some cauliflower like Becky so I could make some mashed taters. Kind of sounds weird but she and Jeremy said they thought it was a yummy recipe. Wonder how much cauliflower costs….never bought it before.

I went to the gym yesterday. I made it in time for the 5:30 step class but there wasn’t a single spot available for me to stand! Ever since Gold’s Gym bought out the local gym I belonged to, the classes are more packed, the treadmills are never empty, and the ellipticals are always in motion by others but me. So, I actually did my weight resistance routine yesterday b/c I had no other option. Gosh, I hate lifting weights. I’d much rather sweat by doing cardio. Oh well… least my arms will may look good….one day.

Now the boys are playing “dentist”. Ok, enough rambling. I need to sit on the floor with the kids before someone accidentally extracts a tooth!

Daddy Time


The boys love to cut and paste. Strangely they’ve also taken a liking to hippos. Can’t figure that one out. So I went to Google Images and found a hippo for them to cut out and paste next to a funny hippo poem. While I prepared Abigail for bed last night, Daddy sat with the boys and finalized their hippo craft. I don’t have a picture of the final result but they had lots of fun together. Luke loves to sing, “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. Only a hippopotamus will do….”!

1989 Steel


I’m not a Shirley McClain fan but I absolutely love her character, Quiser, in the movie Steel Magnolias. I watched it AGAIN last night on some random TV station. Cried over and over. I love it when M’Lynn is pouring her heart out after Shelby’s death and screams that she just wants to hit something to make herself feel better. Such a funny move when Clairee pushes Quiser out and declares M’Lynn to just “hit her!”.

Anyway, here are a few other of my favorite Quiser quotes:

I’m not crazy, I’ve just been in a very bad mood for the past 40 years!

The only reason people are nice to me is because I have more money than God.

And my all time favorite Quiser quote from the movie:

Ouiser: Yes, Annelle, I pray! Well, I do! There, I said it, I hope you’re satisfied.

Annelle: I suspected this all along!

Ouiser: Oh! Well don’t you expect me to come to one of your churches or one of those tent-revivals with all those Bible-beaters doin’ God-only-knows-what! They’d probably make me eat a live chicken!

Annelle: Not on your first visit!

Clairee: Very good, Annelle! You’ve spoken like a true smart-&%@!