My friend, Davina


Davina has only been in Columbus for a short time. Soon, she and her family will be moving to Oregon for a new minstry position. I am so thankful the Lord brought her into my life….my only regret is that we didn’t get to spend as much time together as I would have liked. We always chit chat about crafty things, new business ideas, or our latest earnings on consignment or garage sales, etc. Our conversation is sweet and our children play well together. Davina, I will surely miss you when you and Kyle pack up and move to the other side of the country!


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  1. Have I ever told you that Jeremy and I refer to you as the relational thread that holds the PCA together? You know EVERYONE!!

  2. Boy isn’t this the truth?? I’m sitting here in St. Louis and I’m thinking Jawan surely could hold all of us PCA’ers together! What a sweetie SHE is, and I’m so thankful to know her too! Love ya girl!

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