Free roll of film developed at Walgreens


If you still have a few rolls of 35 mm film sitting around (Melissa!), you can drop ONE roll off at Walgreens this Wednesday, April 9, and get it developed for free. You must have the store coupon to get this offer….you can find it in their weekly circular that came in Sunday’s paper or pick up a free one inside the front door of the store when you walk in.

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  1. On a whim this weekend I decided I’d try to take the old roll of 35 mm film out of my old camera and have it developed. To my dismay I found that the battery was dead in the camera and would not roll the film when I pressed the little tiny button on the side that automatically rolls up the film. I completely quit using my old camera when I received my digital one. There’s about 12 pictures that were taken in the camera to be developed. They may never be developed either because the battery that the camera takes is one of those crazy camera batteries that I’m sure cost about $7-$10. Ugh!

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