Happy Birthday, cinnamon roll style.


We celebrated Andrew’s birthday with a party almost two weeks ago (to avoid spring break) but this past Tuesday, April 8, was the actual day of his birth, four years ago. He asked for cinnamon rolls for breakfast so we popped them out of a can and stuck a candle in one. Like his bed head? We also promised him a trip to Walmart to purchase the newly released DVD of The Waterhorse. I took him to see it on the big screen back in February at our wonderful dollar theatre. He has been asking for his own copy to watch at home ever since we left the theatre that afternoon. It’s a fantastic movie, clean and family friendly. Now he’s looking forward to going back to school on Monday so he can take cupcakes and finally celebrate his birthday with his class. Becky, I feel like I need to go ahead and submit to doing what you do….an entire month dedicated to the birthday girl/boy since Andrew’s celebration seems to be at least three weeks long!!


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  1. LOVE the cinnamon roll idea. Kids are great, eh? So easy to please. If you give the kids a “birthday month” you are better woman than I am. We just do that for the parents here (planned birthday month, that is!)

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